About Us

Accutive is passionate about finding the right solutions to help your organization effectively compete

Accutive provides a full range of consulting services, technology solutions and cyber security.  We support our clients from insight on technology advances, to product fit and selection, and project implementations. The Accutive team consists of highly talented consultants who are technical specialists and subject matter experts, immersed in decades of industry experience. Accutive is committed to a high standard of excellence. Our management team is comprised of hands on specialists who take an interest in every project as part of our commitment to project success.

The Accutive parent company was founded in California in 2009. After working with clients across the US and Canada, Accutive has earned a solid reputation for providing high value and high quality services in a timely manner. We keep adding value to our clients as their business and environment changes by providing flexible business models to fit the unique needs of each organization. To meet the specific needs of our clients, we can adapt our product and service offerings from our standard features. At Accutive, we tailor our approach to deliver results which are practical, cost effective, robust and timely.