integration hub

The platform to bring any two systems closer

Accutive’s Integration Hub is a component based, low-configuration platform to seamlessly connect disparate, heterogeneous systems. Manage your APIs throughout their lifecycle with granular API access and usage controls including capping and throttling, budgetary based access, and more. The hub provides a single point of entry for API integrations resulting in faster and cheaper development enabled by a standardized approach to systems integration.

API library

partner management

user management

graphic visualization


Integration Wizard

API Scheduler Management


Audit log

integration hub features

Accutive Integration Hub facilitates API endpoint development through an intuitive interface.

Project Life Cycle

Development, Staging, Production, Retirement



Authentication and Authorization

API Versioning

For multiple consumers


API Subscription and Distribution

API Request Optimization

Capping and staggering of API requests


api virtualization

On-the-fly API builder


api scoping

Limit access to only specific parts of the API


Customizable API processing



APIs can generate and accept multiple data formats as required by the consumer

Monetization & Optimization

Each request process can be audited and monetized for ROI optimization

Architecture Features

Single-pane Deployment

One or multiple systems can enable their API for subscription and distribution to an end consumer using the same backend.

Single-facade Deployment

Enable API for subscription and distribution to the consumer for one or more systems.

Large-scale Production Deployment Ready

Proven with multiple customers.

technical features

Accutive Integration Hub facilitates API endpoint development through an intuitive interface.

Java based system


Scalable and Stable Framework

Solution Visualizer


Interface Repository

Advanced Adaptor Engine

Live Data Flow Monitor

Data Flow Analysis and Reprocessing

On-Premises and Cloud Enabled Solution

How it’s used 

Simplified Integration Management

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