data discovery


You may not realize how much of your data
requires protection, or that your most valuable, sensitive information may be vulnerable.

Also, data protection regulations cover a
significant range of information including:

• Personally identifiable information (PII)
• Financial data
• Health data
• Payment card information
• Intellectual property
• Emerging data risk and privacy categories

ADM empowers you to identify all your sensitive
data, based on a variety of use cases and search
criteria, to ensure you’re not exposed.

Do You Know...

  • Where your sensitive data is stored in data repositories, on premises, and in the cloud?

  • What data is protected and how?

  • If your sensitive data is exposed to risk from insiders and third parties?

  • Who has access to sensitive data and how you’re regulating that access?

ADM can answer these questions and help you find and secure your most sensitive and vulnerable data.


Scan Multiple Data Sources

Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQLServer & Flat Files

Compliance-Based Data Discovery

Find compliance mandate-specific data fields for GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA & more

Advanced & Custom Analysis

Analyze both titles & field values to find & flag sensitive data

Predictive Masking

Suggests appropriate masking configuration based on discovery

Customizable Scan Modes

Quick and deep scan modes to discover data by field title or perform deeper analyses

Sample or Comprehensive

Analyze risk based on data subsets or comprehensive scans of all repositories


Discover vulnerable data to mitigate risks for:

• Regulatory compliance
• Insider threats
• Third-party access
• Hidden data repositories
• Critical business applications
• Acquisitions with vulnerable data
• Analytics, development, and testing projects
• Security audits, powered by detailed reports

Every Data Discovery engagement comes with a
team and professional services to ensure
successful implementation.


Accurate data discovery is the critical first step of your effective data protection platform. ADM enables efficient identification of sensitive information with customizable scanning of structured and unstructured data across an array of cloud and on-premise databases and storage systems.

Sensitive items identified during discovery are cataloged and highlighted empowering users and data security teams to develop an effective data protection strategy.

Select Source

HR, Loan Origination System, Medical Records, etc.

Discovery Configuration

Configure search criteria or use pre-configured compliance lists

Run Discovery

Scan repositories to find & flag sensitive data based on criteria

Export Results

Export discovery results & review detailed reports for insights

Leverage Insights

Use results to define and build effective data masking program

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