endpoint security

Tracking external access to your critical infrastructure has become an everyday challenge for the IT security professional. Remote workers, mobile phones, tablets, IoT devices, BYOD and more require a policy-based approach to effectively manage access to your network resources. Gain peace of mind by ensuring all your endpoints are secure and effectively and efficiently managed. ​


Data Loss Prevention

Ensure your users don’t intentionally or accidentally share sensitive data using business rules to classify and protect your confidential and critical information so all data remains within your control

Insider Threat Protection

Reduce the risk of an insider threat by ensuring timely deprovisioning of user access, monitoring and analyzing user behavior, and identifying and mitigating the risks associated with user actions

Privileged User Access and Control

Prevent the intentional or accidental abuse of privileged access by implementing a privileged user access and control solution by only giving your users elevated access for a limited amount of time

Network Access Control

Unify endpoint security technology, user and system authentication, and network security enforcement into a cohesive component of your endpoint security strategy

AI Driven

Artificial Intelligence can be used to proactively detect and respond to threats in real time, thereby reducing alert fatigue, without the need for additional resources

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