Temenos Journey Manager

Temenos journey manager empowers financial institutions with increased agility, dynamic options, and rapid customer acquisition to power your competitive advantage.

Accutive’s dedicated Temenos Journey Manager practice team, including certified resources and developers, ensure your digital banking solutions are implemented, configured, integrated, and ready to help you get ahead.

Services include:

  • Springboard and custom implementations
  • Health checks
  • Custom forms development
  • Production support
  • Quantum implementations
  • Custom integrations
  • Upgrades

Satisfied Clients

Include some of the largest banks and financial institutions in Canada and the United States.

With former bankers, both US and Canadian, and Temenos developers on our specialized teams, we ensure we’re speaking the same language, providing personalized, customer-centric service, and optimizing your Temenos Journey Manager installation to maximize ROI.


Benefits of Partnering with Accutive

Unbeatable Expertise

Our dedicated Temenos practice team, including developers, designers, project managers, and business analysts, have worked on the Temenos platform since before the Infinity launched. In fact, some of our Developers were part of the Temenos Journey product team and bring their expertise to every customer project.

Customized Solutions and Rapid Deployment

With extensive experience customizing Temenos Journey Manager, Accutive delivers digital banking solutions for:

  • Retail
  • Business
  • Wealth management
  • Insurance

Need a less custom, rapid, and market-ready digital transformation solution? Temenos Infinity Journey Springboard Deposit Account Opening offers an out-of-the-box account opening application with limited configuration flexibility to get you up and out to market faster. Springboard covers all types of direct deposit accounts (DDAs).

Specialized teams deliver Temenos Journey Manager expertise, dedicated focus, and excellent outcomes



Collaborative Partnership

Our clients appreciate and take advantage of Accutive’s personalized, extensive support during and after implementation. As a true, collaborative technology partner, Accutive appreciates our clients’ ongoing confidence with 100% engaging our services for solution maintenance, integrations, or new projects.

Everything Working Together – Integrated Temenos Services

Customers benefit from our Temenos practice depth and breadth. With Temenos Journey and Temenos Lifecycle Management Suite (LMS) platform expertise, Accutive delivers seamless, comprehensive, end-to-end implementation and integration solutions and exceptional results every time.

Want to improve your customer experience or launch the newest technology? Accutive builds integrations with other platforms and providers accelerating delivery and time to market.


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