Gemalto is enabling organizations to offer trusted digital services for billions of individuals and things. Gemalto has expertise in Authentication by embedding secure software in devices and objects to authenticate people and things; and expertise in Data Protection by running secure software on platforms to protect and encrypt data across networks.

Some of the products and solutions available are:

BANKING & PAYMENT- Mobile & Apps, eBanking & eCommerce, Cards & Payment, Services for Banks

GOVERNMENT- Biometrics, Identity, Travel Document, Border & Visa, Driving License

ENTERPRISE SECURITY- Identity & Access Management, Data Encryption, Crypto Management, Cloud Security

INTERNET OF THINGS- IoT Connectivity, IoT Security, IoT Monetization

M2M- Consumer Electronics

MOBILE- NFC & Mobile Commerce, Connectivity & Network, Mobile ID & Security, SIM & Secure Elements

SOFTWARE MONETIZATION- Entitlement Management, Software Protection & Licensing, Cloud Monetization, Embedded to IoT

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