How We work

Customer Centric. Agile. Scalable.


Accutive has delivered solutions for the financial industry for over 10 years using an agile approach to iterate delivery with timely customer feedback.


As a remote first organization, we have access to top talent regardless of location. This model also allows us to quickly scale and deliver cost effective solutions. 

Global Delivery

Engineering talent across the globe allows us to scale deliver, optimize cost, while collaborating in your time zone.

Pick a model that fits your business needs

Augment Your Team

We can provide business and techncal talent to fill short term gaps for your projects.

Implement Your Project

We can design, build, and implement your solution allowing you to focus on the business.

Support Your Environments

We can provide 24/7 production support while resolving defects, troubleshooting issues, and making small enhancements.

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