Okta is an expert in Access Management. Okta Identity Cloud is one complete integrated service for every type of user. It is a pure multi-tenant solution,

an independent and neutral platform, and 100% built in the cloud.

Some of the products and solutions available are:

Single Sign on- A single set of credentials gives your people access to enterprise apps in the cloud, on-premises, and on mobile devices

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication- Secure your apps and VPN with a robust policy framework, a set of modern second-verification factors.

Lifecycle Management- Automate user onboarding and offboarding with seamless communication between directories and cloud applications.

Universal Directory- Deploy a flexible, cloud-based user store to customize, organize, and manage any set of user attributes.

API Access Management- Securely engage customers and partners. Customizable user experience,

Extend Okta to any use case, Customer IAM (CIAM)

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