ACCUTIVE data discovery and data masking

Data is critical to success in the modern business landscape yet may expose your organization to serious risks. Accutive Data Discovery and Masking (ADM) empowers clients to leverage their data to advance their business while securing sensitive information and meeting regulatory requirements.

With industry leading performance, executing more than 240,000 masking operations per second, ADM rapidly and accurately identifies sensitive data across all databases and repositories, and then masks confidential information with functional, meaningful fictitious data to enable testing, analytics, and business critical functions.



Accutive’s Integration Hub is a component based, low-configuration platform to seamlessly connect disparate, heterogeneous systems. Manage your APIs throughout their lifecycle with granular API access and usage controls including capping and throttling, budgetary based access, and more. The hub provides a single point of entry for API integrations resulting in faster and cheaper development enabled by a standardized approach to systems integration.

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