cyber security

Managed Services

Security applications can be complex and time consuming to effectively manage; coupled with staff turnover, it can be challenging to ensure your key cybersecurity solutions are running smoothly. Whether it’s managing the day to day maintenance and management, or performing periodic updates on a schedule that works for you, Accutive can help.

Identity and Access Management

Effectively manage your digital identities from onboarding employees to provisioning and deprovisioning critical infrastructure so you can ensure the right people have the right access at the right time and for the right reasons.

Data Protection

To mitigate the risk of a data breach, and other threats, you need to use encryption to protect sensitive data wherever it is found across your on-premises, virtual, public cloud, and hybrid environments. This includes data at rest in application and web servers, file servers, databases, and network attached storage, as well as data in motion across your network. Secure your sensitive data wherever it resides and manage your digital keys throughout their lifecycle.

Public Key Infrastructure

As businesses face an increasingly stringent compliance landscape, they are becoming more dependent on digital transactions and information. Securing these transactions, information, networks and business systems from the tangible threat of cyber-attacks, malicious insiders and other threats, the use of digital credentials to control access to critical systems and information is an essential component of a robust defense.

Endpoint Protection

Tracking external access to your critical infrastructure has become an everyday challenge for the IT security professional. Remote workers, mobile phones, tablets, IoT devices, BYOD and more require a policy-based approach to effectively manage access to your network resources. Gain peace of mind by ensuring all your endpoints are secure and effectively and efficiently managed. ​

Audit and Compliance

As the regulatory and compliance landscape continues to expand, it remains a challenge to effectively monitor and audit compliance within the context of cyber assurance. Making it increasingly challenging is the sheer number of business and IT components encompassed by a comprehensive compliance strategy.

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