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Accutive’s Security Solutions

Accutive security solutions leverage the enterprise data protection products developed by our enterprise security partners to provide secure and reliable protection for your sensitive data needs.

Whether your enterprise needs multi-factor authentication to ensure secure user access, database encryption to protect sensitive data or PII, or help meeting your regulatory compliance mandates such as PCI DSS, SOX, or HIPAA, Accutive’s Enterprise Security Specialists are trained and certified to provide solutions to help you accomplish your business objectives.

Strong Authentication

Strong Authentication

Employ a variety of hardware and software user authentication solutions.

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Application Protection

Application Protection

Secure sensitive data in motion as it is processed and modified by enterprise applications.

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Data Encryption & Control

Data Encryption & Control

Encrypt sensitive data accessed by clients, employees, or third parties.

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Strong Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions


Smart Cards and Readers

Broad range available for both physical and logical access
Options for desktop and mobile use
Enable secure credential storage for passwords, PKI certificates and biometrics

Soft Tokens

Compatible with many J2ME-enabled devices
Options to support roaming and full PKI functionality
Safely available for download from a pubic website

USB Authenticators

Secure, portable two-factor authentication
Support PKI and mobile use
Enable compliance with security regulations

Management Platforms

Reduce IT overhead by streamlining all authentication operations
Highly scalable and customizable
Manage the entire life cycle of digital identities

OTP Tokens

Provide stronger security than a static password
Options for both desktop and mobile use
Cost-effective options for large-scale distribution

Hardware Security Modules

Provide reliable protection for applications, transactions and information assets
Protect cryptographic keys
Increase regulatory compliance and reduce risk of liability

Application Protection

SafeNet ProtectApp provides an interface for key management operations, as well as application-level encryption of sensitive data. Once deployed, data is kept secure across its entire lifecycle, no matter where it is transferred, backed up, or copied.

Using Safenet ProtectApp APIs, both structured and unstructured data can be secured in multi-vendor application server infrastructures. SafeNet ProtectApp’s application-level encryption can be deployed across on-premises, virtual, cloud, and hybrid environments.


Protect Sensitive Data

Transparent, Strong, and Efficient Application Encryption

  • Protect sensitive data with application-level encryption
  • Securely manage keys centrally in an industry-leading, FIPS-certified enterprise key manager


Easy Deployment and Management

  • Deploy in physical, virtual, and public cloud environments
  • Built-in key rotation
  • Customizable sample applications for quick, easy deployment

Preserve Data Format

Support for Format Preserving Encryption (FPE)

  • Flexible key management interfaces
  • Multiple interfaces available for full key management lifecycle

Designed to Perform

High Performance

  • Offload cryptographic processing to SafeNet KeySecure
  • Built-in health checking and multi-tiered load balancing

Standards Based

Broad Standard and Interface Support

  • Java, C/C++, .NET
  • XML open interface, KMIP standard
  • Web services, including SOAP and REST


Compliance Ready

  • Ensure separation of duties
  • Track data and key access with auditing and logging tools

Data Encryption and Control

SafeNet ProtectDB provides transparent column-level encryption of structured, sensitive data residing in databases. Customers use our database encryption solution to protect credit card numbers, social security numbers, national ID numbers, passwords, account numbers and balances, email addresses, and more.

The solution enables large amounts of information to be rapidly moved in and out of data stores by efficiently encrypting and decrypting specific fields in a database. No changes are required to associated applications, and SafeNet ProtectDB can scale to support multiple data centers in on-premises, virtual, and public cloud environments.


Column-Level Encryption

Transparent and Efficient Column-level Encryption

  • Transparently encrypt sensitive column-level database data
  • Apply granular access controls to ensure only authorized users or applications can view protected data
  • Prevent database administrators (DBAs) from impersonating other users to access sensitive data

Designed to Perform

Deliver High Performance

  • Perform cryptographic operations locally or offload to SafeNet KeySecure to leverage external processing power
  • Built-in connection pooling, health checking, and multi-tiered load balancing

Cloud Ready

Support Cloud Initiatives

  • Deploy across on-premises, virtual, and public cloud environments
  • Set up encryption in the cloud more quickly with Chef recipes for easy automation

Meet Compliance Requirements

Achieve Compliance

  • Meet compliance mandates, such as PCI DSS and HIPAA, that require encryption of data and separation of duties
  • Comprehensive auditing and logging capabilities to track access to encrypted data and keys

Low Administration Overhead

Streamline Ongoing Management Activities

  • Built-in, seamless key rotation and data re-keying
  • Reduce administration and overhead costs with centralized policy and key management

Accutive Security Linecard

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