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ADM is a robust, on-premises solution for keeping sensitive data both secure and useful for a variety of business-critical functions.

Masked data looks and works like real information, with data fields and properties preserved in the new, fictitious values, across all sources and databases.

  • Move data from any major source to selected destinations including Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQLServer, XML, and Flat Files
  • ADM Masked Data can be saved in different database types including MySQL, SQLServer, and PostgreSQL
  • Cross platform compatible for Linux, Unix, and Windows, including cloud services, ADM runs anywhere Java is supported

“ADM enabled us to locate and mask our sensitive data while leaving it viable for our development team and non-production environments.”

Vice President of
Information Services
Large Canadian Financial Institution


Automated & Configurable

Run multiple masking configurations manually or on a schedule

Mask Link Technology

Consistent masking of source data to uniform values across databases

Data Preservation

Keep a portion of source data, information & format, unmasked

Detailed Reporting

Insight into performance statistics, results & errors, all exportable to CSV file

Functional Dashboards

Latest activity, graphic data masking results, active connections, progress & more

Flexible & Customizable

Open API accommodates custom
applications & data flow processes

Complex Applications

Groovy scripting allows custom data masking configurations with complex conditional logic

Security Services

Integrated account management, existing directory for login & role assessment & multi-factor authentication compatibility

Cloud Compatible

Data masking to & from cloud
environments, such as Microsoft Azure


ADM’s innovative features and industry leading performance, with 240,000 masking functions per second, deliver a robust, effective data masking solution.

  • Table Filters: select data subsets for masking
  • Smart Credit Card: mask a single field with random or brand-specific valid credit card numbers
  • Smart Email: masked email reflects fictitious identity, so Jane Doe with email jane.doe@gmail.com becomes John Smith with email j.smith@hotmail.com
  • Smart Addresses: fictitious street names appear with valid city, state, and zip codes enabling location based analytics with secure, masked data
  • Lorem Ipsum Support: change text, comments, or memo fields into randomized Latin text
  • XML File Support: mask data in embedded XML or Excel files within a designated database


ADM delivers a dynamic and effective way to secure sensitive information with fictitious data that mimics real-world values.

  • Masked, fictitious data works like the real information for testing, development, analytics, and other functions like insurance risk assessment

  • Schedule refresh runs or manually copy production data to non-development databases for Development, QA, and testing teams

  • Mask production data for third party access to protect sensitive data and vital IP

  • Control access to sensitive data to prevent accidental exposure or intentional misappropriation by organization insiders


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