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    Why Accutive for MuleSoft?

    Whether you are an existing MuleSoft customer or are considering MuleSoft to simplify your integrations – Accutive has you covered!

    Our Certified MuleSoft resources specialize in delivering a wide range of MuleSoft solutions and support for financial services organizations.
    integration experts

    Accutive integration experts and MuleSoft Certified resources with a proven track record of delivering successful integration projects for financial institutions.

    Customer experience

    Accutive always has your top priorities in mind, including compliance, security, and customer experience.

    Customer satisfaction

    Accutive always goes the extra mile for our clients. Our 100% customer satisfaction rate speaks for itself.

    cost effective solutions

    Accutive is focused on rapidly delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions for our financial services clients.

    What best describes you?

    Accutive offers expert services for both new and existing MuleSoft clients.

    Maximizing your MuleSoft Solution

    We offer a full suite of services and support for existing MuleSoft users, including:
    MuleSoft Managed Services

    MuleSoft Managed Services + Support

    Extend your team with Accutive! Accutive MuleSoft experts can provide you with low-risk, nimble and flexible support for your MuleSoft integrations

    Mulesoft Changes Upgrades

    MuleSoft Changes + Upgrades

    Full development and integration support for your MuleSoft platform including completing change requests and developing new Mule applications

    Mulesoft Consulting Advisory

    MuleSoft Consulting + Advisory

    Accutive’s MuleSoft certified experts guide your projects in the right direction and provide you with the roadmap to success.

    Mulesoft Practice Reviews

    MuleSoft Practice Reviews

    Accutive architecture reviews, including free one-week discovery and analysis reports.
    Click here to learn more about our MuleSoft Practice Reviews!

    What is an Accutive MuleSoft Practice Review?

    MuleSoft experts conduct a detailed review and assessment of your Anypoint Platform to ensure that it is structured to reflect best practices for the financial services industry. The in-depth review focuses on areas that are especially critical for financial services clients, including:
    Mulesoft Practice

    We offer three levels of MuleSoft Practice Reviews

    3 Week Review

    5 Week Review

    Fully Comprehensive 8 Week Review


    26 Focus Areas, including detailed report with recommended design changes, CI/CD recommendations and environment configurations


    In-depth review with 37 Focus Areas, including flow design, performance testing and a focus on reusable APIs.


    43 Focus Areas with a complete analysis of all aspects of the MuleSoft solution and a report outlining recommendations, design changes, and an implementation roadmap.
    Each review delivers detailed feedback on your MuleSoft integration components with recommendations on codebase improvement opportunities and insights on more effectively using MuleSoft to achieve your objectives.

    Unsure if a practice review is necessary or valuable?

    Practice review is necessary or valuable
    We offer a one-week MuleSoft discovery and high-level analysis free with our 3-Week and 5-Week packages to financial services organizations in the U.S. and Canada. There is absolutely no obligation to continue with the review beyond the free week.

    New MuleSoft Implementations

    Accutive’s extensive experience in MuleSoft implementations, integrations for financial services clients, and project lifecycle management makes us the perfect partner to successfully design and implement your MuleSoft integration from start to finish.
    At Accutive, our experts are committed to customizing your solution to meet your unique business needs and deliver maximum value for your organization.
    Connect Everything

    Connect Everything

    Accutive enables even the most complex integrations across platforms, systems and applications, including databases, APIs, and legacy software whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud


    Streamline + Optimize

    Expertise and experience help you get the most from your MuleSoft installation and deliver faster time to value, cost savings, reduced risk, and ongoing support

    Certified Resources

    Certified Resources

    Certified architects and developers deliver expert guidance, insights, effective strategy and seamless implementations to optimize your MuleSoft integration

    Accutive is a boutique firm for end-to-end cybersecurity and financial technologies services and solutions. Accutive is comprised of Accutive FinTech, which specializes in MuleSoft Integrations for Financial Services, Temenos Journey Manager, Temenos LMS, AML Solutions, and LOS solutions. Accutive Security is a cybersecurity center of excellence that specializes in IAM and Cryptography, with a data discovery and data masking platform called ADM.
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