Temenos Transact / Temenos T24 Services

Accutive FinTech delivers a full range of Quality First services for Temenos’ leading core banking platforms, Temenos Transact / Temenos T24. Extend your team with Accutive FinTech!

Temenos Certificate - Accutive

Our Temenos Transact / T24
Implementation + Integration Services

Accutive FinTech is a Certified Temenos Partner with a dedicated team of onshore core banking experts to support your core banking implementation or upgrade.

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Temenos Transact Testing / QA

Accutive FinTech’s Quality First Approach minimizes defects, improves stability, and helps deliver your Temenos Transact / T24 projects on time.

We can provide full team of experienced QA experts, or extend your existing testing team(s).


Temenos Transact Core Banking Integrations + API Management

Accutive FinTech is one of North America’s foremost core banking integration specialists with a proven track record of successful core banking integration projects. You can realize cost and time savings by replacing your custom APIs with Temenos’ extensive catalog of core banking APIs.


Temenos Transact / T24 Staff Augmentation

Whether you’re taking on a new implementation or upgrading your existing Temenos Transact / Temenos T24 platform, Accutive FinTech will become a true extension of your team by seamlessly integrating experienced resources into your project teams.

Program + Project Management for Temenos Transact / T24

Accutive FinTech’s has experienced Temenos Transact / T24 project managers and program managers to oversee and manage your project in accordance with the Temenos Implementation Methodology.

Temenos Transact Upgrades and Migrations

Keeping your Temenos Transact platform up to date provides significant advantages including taking advantage of the latest features and security protections, while ensuring you maintain support. Migrating to the cloud? Accutive FinTech will leverage our deep knowledge of latest Temenos’ latest SaaS and BaaS cloud offerings to guide your Temenos Transact platform into the cloud.

Our Temenos Transact Assessments + Advisory Services

Accutive FinTech provides expert guidance to ensure that your Temenos Transact / T24 platform is fully optimized, aligned with best practices, secure + optimized for efficiency.

Temenos Transact Architecture Reviews

Our Certified Temenos experts will perform an in-depth review and assessment of your Temenos Transact / T24 implementation, and identify issues and opportunities for improvement.

Health Checks, including Business Process Optimization + Operational Optimization

Since 2009, Accutive FinTech  performs insightful health checks and identifies opportunities for business process optimization (BPO). We work with your teams to identify and eliminate redundant processes, optimize your close of business (COB) activities, and manage your database size.

Governance for Temenos Transact / T24

Accutive FinTech’s Temenos Transact architects will implement a governance framework and oversee your configurations, ensuring adherence to your requirements. Additionally, we ensure that your Temenos Transact implementation is aligned with best practices, including the Temenos Implementation Methodology.
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‘Back to Core’ Roadmap

Assess the degree of customization of your Temenos Transact implementation and its impact on upgrade / maintenance. Based on your level of customization and the suitability of out of the box functionality, Accutive FinTech will develop a clear, non-disruptive roadmap to transform your Temenos Transact platform into a more efficient build, resembling out of the box for easier upgrades and maintenance.

Quality First Temenos Core Banking Projects

Accutive FinTech applies our Quality First Approach to Temenos Transact / Temenos T24 projects to deliver on time, on budget with industry-low defect rates.

Three Pillars of Our Quality First Approach to Temenos Transact:

Early, Detailed Requirements Analysis

In-depth understanding of the full scope of business and technical requirements to ensure to develop precise test cases and accurate planning. Our approach significantly reduces the need for change requests by ensuring a comprehensive mutual understanding of requirements.

High Ratio of Skilled Quality Assurance (QA) Resources

Unfortunately, QA is often neglected during core banking implementations; at Accutive FinTech, every project is staffed with experienced QA at a higher ratio of QA to Developers than the industry average. This empowers greater test coverage, early issue identification and faster remediation.

Zero Defect Mentality for Core Banking Projects

At Accutive FinTech, we treat every single defect as a learning opportunity as part of our continuous improvement framework. Striving for zero defects, Accutive FinTech consistently delivers industry-low defect rates.

Accutive FinTech serves the full range of current and legacy Temenos Core Banking products including:

Temenos Transact/T24 Release 9 to Release 23+ for:

  • Business Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Corporate Banking

Custom Development using Temenos Core Extensibility Framework

  • Extend functionality of Temenos Transact / T24 platform without impacting code of Temenos Transact system
  • With the Temenos Extensibility Framework (TEF) you can extend your APIs, data models, events + business processes in a secure + straightforward manner. TEF enables you to seamlessly automate + scale your Temenos Transact core platform.

Temenos Banking Cloud

Temenos Transact Requirements Management

Accutive FinTech’s Business Analysis (BA) experts extend your team by managing and completing your Temenos technical requirements documentation, including:

  • Business Requirements Documents
  • Interface Requirements Documents
  • Reporting Requirements Documents
Our BAs coordinate with your system integrator and Temenos to ensure that all technical requirements documentation is completed in an accurate and timely manner. Additionally, we review the Temenos Transact design to ensure that it adheres to your requirements in a flexible, efficient manner.
Key Outcomes:
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Avoid costly change requests

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Ensuring design + build meets your requirements

Knowledge management

Promote best practices for knowledge management + documentation

RIsk Identification and Mitigation

Risk management + mitigation

The Accutive FinTech Difference

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Global Expertise + Experience

Temenos Transact / T24 implementations across the globe, including North America, LATAM, EMEA, APAC

Quality First Approach

Implementing faster with minimal
defects for increased stability and performance

True Extension of Your Team

Accutive FinTech’s experts become a true extension of your team through seamless collaboration.

Discover the Accutive Difference