Accutive FinTech’s

Quality First Approach

is anchored in three key pillars:

High QA to
Dev Ratio

Early Detailed Requirements Analysis

Zero Defect

Recent Results

Defect Rate

February 2024 
MuleSoft Project

Benefits of defect minimization for your projects

High QA to Developer Ratio

Why does Accutive FinTech assign more QA resources to our projects?

  • Enhanced test coverage – allowing more test cases to be executed
  • Early issue identification – bugs are detected early, preventing cascading impacts
  • Faster issue remediation – validated bug fixes earlier
  • Improved software quality
  • Providing you with confidence that you can launch on-time

Early Detailed Requirements Analysis

Why does Accutive FinTech do a deep dive into the requirements at the beginning of every project?

By fully understanding your business needs and project requirements, we:

As a result, your project has:

Minimal requirements changes


Accurate and robust requirements traceability


faster testing

A final product that meets your requirements

Zero Defect Mentality

Why aim for zero defects? Is zero defects possible to achieve?

Accutive FinTech employs a robust continuous improvement system to apply our lessons learned from each project to continually strive toward zero defects. A recent major Loan Origination System (LOS) project delivered only a single defect (out of 195 test cases) during client testing.

What does our “zero defect mentality” mean for your project?

Implementing processes to prevent defects and prioritizing immediate defect remediation

image showing close collaboration

Close collaboration between QA and Developers as a single team

Agile DevOps

Agile DevOps Practices

Treating every defect as a learning opportunity

Deploying certified

Deploying certified expert onshore resources to every project

Foster collaborative and learning culture among project teams

See the results of our quality first approach

Project Delivery Framework

Temenos Journey Manager

Low-Defect Project


Loan Origination System

Single Defect Project

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