Accutive FinTech Case Study

Delivering a major 800-hour Loan Origination System Integration Project with only 1 Defect

Our Client

A leading national North American bank with a major focus on commercial lending.
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Our client, who we have worked with for over a decade, sought the expertise of Accutive FinTech to implement a transformative loan origination system (LOS) integration project. This major 800-hour project centered around major upgrades to their Linedata Capitalstream platform, a commercial lending platform utilized by some of North America’s largest banks. Since 2009, Accutive FinTech has been one of the leading Capitalstream consultants in North America and has successfully completed dozens of LOS projects.
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The Challenge

The bank faced the task of overhauling its loan origination platform and process to enable the implementation and enforcement of critical new policies and protocols. These protocols and policies were wide-ranging, spanning connections, exposure recognition and remediation, lending limits, and credit portfolio management. Ensuring a seamless integration without disrupting ongoing operations was a key challenge.

Accutive's Quality First Approach

Accutive approached this project with our Quality First Approach. The three pillars of our quality first approach are:

High ratio of QA resources to developers:

  • Enables enhanced and early testing
  • Rapid issue identification and remediation
  • Improved software quality
  • Significant ROI for your organization in medium to long term

Rigorous requirements analysis from Discovery onward:

  • Accurate estimates with minimized risk of misalignment
  • Shared understanding of requirements with client (we’re all on the same page)
  • Minimal requirement changes, with greater odds of on time delivery

Zero defect mentality:

  • Continuous improvement mindset
  • Approaching each project with the goal of no defects
This approach is deployed throughout our Accutive Project Delivery Framework, which is tailored to suit your project and organizational needs. In this case, the client opted for a waterfall project methodology.
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Project Requirements

Accutive FinTech meticulously designed and developed the Linedata Capitalstream platform changes and integrations to meet the bank’s exacting requirements. The major requirements were:
  • Enabling appropriate lending limit authority by recording incremental exposure increases at the connection level and avoiding resetting the limit with each approval
  • Seamless integrations to update each borrower’s account to reflect each incremental increase in exposure
  • Transparency into lending guidelines that were applied for each loan approval
  • Enforcing lending limits based on new policies
  • Facilitating insights into treasury exposure on credit applications
  • Identification and flagging elements critical for risk transference
  • Updating risk appetite statement (RAS) documents to reflect exposures

The Solution

Over 800 development and quality assurance hours, Accutive FinTech successfully executed each of the client’s requirements. Recognizing the challenging nature of the project, Accutive assigned senior resources with decades of banking technology experience for both development and QA roles.
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The project team worked extremely closely with the client to ensure the requirements were tightly defined and comprehensive from the beginning. A mutual upfront understanding of the requirements enabled the development of realistic estimates for the project budget and timeline. During the development phase, requirements were successfully developed, tested, and refined. Regular collaboration and updates between the Accutive and client teams ensured that Accutive’s resources operated as an extension of the client’s internal team.
Accutive FinTech transformed the UI to be more user-friendly using JSP technology, and built new modules in the loan origination system using Java to identify the lending limits used for each lending approval. Beyond the interface changes, significant changes were completed in the client’s Oracle database to support the new modules. Additionally, complex doc tags were scripted for risk appetite statements to provide more comprehensive insight into the client’s exposures.


The project was delivered by Accutive FinTech on time with only one single defect identified by the client’s Quality Assurance team throughout the entire project. One defect out of 195 test cases represents a defect rate of 0.5%. Although a 0.5% defect is remarkably low, our team analyzed how the defect was produced and captured our findings in our lessons learned process to utilize for future projects. We constantly strive toward our goal of zero defects in our projects and implement processes to ensure that errors are not repeated.

Business Value Creation

This project enabled the implementation and enforcement of a major overhaul of the bank’s lending policies and processes. By implementing these policies, the bank minimized the risks of its lending practice, and strengthened its compliance. Furthermore, the tightly integrated loan origination system brought significant improvements to the bank’s operations. The modernized integrated LOS platform will allow the financial institution to scale its platform to meet their future lending needs, within a robust compliance and risk management framework.


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