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Three Tier Architecture for Digital Customer Onboarding

Three-Tier Architecture for Digital Customer Onboarding

A seamless, reliable and straightforward customer onboarding experience is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it is essential for your financial institution to remain competitive. By combining the power of a leading digital onboarding platform, your integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), and your core banking system, you can deliver an exceptional, integrated digital onboarding experience that maximizes initial deposits, fosters immediate customer satisfaction, and minimizes abandonments.

Your Digital Customer Onboarding Platform is Critical

Your digital onboarding platform is more than just a convenience; it’s a critical factor in your customer / member acquisition and retention. A clunky, disjointed onboarding process can lead to high abandonments, lost revenue, and damage your brand. Conversely, a streamlined, intuitive, and personalized digital onboarding experience can:

  • Boost Customer Acquisition: Make a positive first impression and establish the foundation of a long-lasting relationship.
  • Operational Cost Savings: Eliminate manual data entry, paperwork, and the need for extensive customer support.
  • Increase Efficiency: Speed up the onboarding process, getting customers access to products and services faster.
  • Ensure Compliance: Automate data validation and ensure adhere to your regulatory requirements such as Know Your Customer (KYC).
  • Gain a Competitive Edge: Differentiate your institution with a fast, secure, and easy onboarding process that creates an incredible first impression.

Three-Tier Architecture Approach

What is Three-Tier Architecture?

A three-tier architecture is a software design pattern that organizes applications into three distinct layers:

  1. Customer Experience (CX) Layer: This is the user interface (UI) that customers interact with directly. It can be your website, mobile app, or any front-end interface. It needs to be clear, easy to use, and as simple as possible.
  2. Integration Layer: This layer is where your integration platform resides, connecting the customer experience layer with the data layer (core banking system) through secure API connections. Your integration platform, or iPaaS, acts as the middle layer, orchestrating the flow of data and communication between the front-end customer experience and the back-end systems. It not only handles API calls but also performs data transformations, routing, and error handling to ensure smooth and reliable integration.
  3. Data Layer: This layer represents your underlying databases or data sources; in this case it is your core banking system. This data is highly sensitive and needs to be carefully protected.

Key Benefits of Three-Tier Architecture

  • Modularity: Each tier can be developed, tested, and maintained independently, making the application more flexible and easier to manage.
  • Scalability: Individual tiers can be scaled up or down based on demand without affecting the entire application.
  • Security: By separating the presentation layer from the data layer, it enhances your security by limiting direct access to sensitive data.
  • Maintainability: Changes to one tier can be made without requiring significant modifications to other tiers.
  • Performance: The separation of concerns allows for optimization of each tier, leading to better overall performance.

Accutive FinTech’s Solution: Three-Tier Architecture for Digital Customer Onboarding

Our three-tier architecture offers a comprehensive solution to elevate your digital onboarding:

  1. Customer Experience Layer (CX) (Temenos Journey Manager): This customer-centric layer prioritizes creating a visually appealing and intuitive onboarding experience. Temenos Journey Manager empowers personalized journeys, streamlined workflows, and effortless document uploads, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience across various digital channels.
    • Identity Verification (IDV) Solution: We integrate Journey Manager with leading IDV solutions with best in class initial success rate and fraud detection.
  2. Integration Layer (iPaaS): MuleSoft is our preferred iPaaS because of its API-driven architecture and ability to seamlessly connect the CX layer with your core banking system. With MuleSoft, your FI can eliminate data silos, automate data exchange, and ensures real-time synchronization of customer information. MuleSoft’s adaptability and scalability enable seamless integration with diverse core banking systems, including Temenos Transact / T24, Jack Henry, Symitar + Fiserv.
  3. Data Layer (Core Banking System): This layer houses the core banking data and business logic. Whether your institution utilizes Temenos or another core banking platform, our solution ensures secure and efficient data processing, compliance with regulatory requirements, and the seamless creation of new customer accounts.

Key Outcomes of Three Tier Architecture

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Streamlined processes, personalized journeys, and easy-to-use interfaces create a positive and memorable onboarding experience.
  • Accelerated Onboarding: Automation of data capture and verification significantly reduces onboarding time, allowing customers to quickly access financial products and services.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Elimination of manual data entry and streamlined workflows free up valuable resources, reduce errors, and improve overall operational efficiency.
  • Increased Compliance: Automated data validation and adherence to regulatory requirements minimize compliance risks.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Our solution adapts to your institution’s specific needs and can easily scale as your business grows.

Accutive FinTech: Your Partner in Digital Banking Transformations

As one of the foremost FinTech integration experts with 15 years of experience, Accutive FinTech leverages our strategic partnerships with leading financial technologies including Temenos Journey Manager and Salesforce’s MuleSoft, to deliver best in class digital customer onboarding solutions that boost customer acquisitions and initial deposits. Applying our Quality First Approach, we will implement your new integrated digital onboarding platform in a matter of weeks on time and on budget with low / zero defects.

Click here to discover how our three-tier architecture can revolutionize your customer onboarding process.

Accutive FinTech is the financial technologies arm of Accutive, a boutique firm for end-to-end cybersecurity and financial technologies services and solutions. Accutive FinTech specializes in MuleSoft Integrations for Financial Services, Temenos Journey Manager, Temenos LMS, AML Solutions, HID IDV, and LOS solutions. Accutive’s test data management platform, Accutive Data Discovery and Data Masking, is a powerful tool for data discovery, data subserving, data masking, data automation, and data tokenization.
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