AML Technologies

You need anti-money laundering (AML) technologies to enhance fraud detection speed and accuracy.

Accutive can help you automate and upgrade your AML processes faster.

AML solutions automate critical anti-money laundering compliance with tools to analyze vast data volumes, detect fraudulent activities in real time, and mitigate human error.

Strategic AML solution partners and deep expertise ensure Accutive provides the support you need to integrate these critical tools with your core fintech platforms, leveraging MuleSoft or our proprietary Integration Hub to get you up to speed and operational.

Due diligence + anti-money laundering (AML) solutions

Partnering with the best AML solution and due diligence technology providers in the business, Accutive offers:

  • Data analysis and data mapping from source transaction systems
  • Building datasets and/or database views integrated with transaction monitoring interfaces
  • Augmenting AML technologies with additional regulatory reporting data by jurisdiction
  • Working with partner integration specialists to provision & configure data extraction processes
  • Providing batch and real-time solutions enabling existing and potential banking customer screening against AML compliance watchlists
  • Integrating source system data and provisioning full or incremental data feeds
  • Integrating in-person and digital onboarding processes with real-time name screening APIs enabling watchlist matching at account opening

Featured AML Solutions


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