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Highlighting our Employees: An Accutive Spotlight

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Here at Accutive, we have the most talented team members around, but in addition to their day jobs, our employees enjoy a wide variety of hobbies and interests outside of the office which makes them truly unique. 

This Employee Spotlight is meant to introduce our readers to an array of the most remarkable minds in data and security tech who make up our Accutive team. Our first Q&A in this series highlights our CTO Paul Horn, who when he isn’t getting down with code and security, loves to cook it up in the kitchen. 

Welcome to the interview, and enjoy learning a little more about us and the members of our team.

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Accutive Employee Spotlight

Getting to Know Paul Horn, Chief Technical Officer

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Q: How long have you been at Accutive?

A: Well, over a decade—can you believe it? Longer than I’ve ever been at any one place. When I started, we were under a different name, we had a Starbucks office, and two conference rooms: Toyota and Lexus. Yes, they were cars, in case the coffee shop got too loud. The server “room” was my garage for the first year or so. We’ve come a long way from where we started … 


Q: Can you describe your role at Accutive?

A: As CTO, I play across many roles, though they mainly center on the technology side of the business. I work with development teams, product management, security professionals, the marketing and sales teams, administration … so many hats. 


Q: What’s a typical day like for you?

A: Typically, my day never goes according to plan. Having been a part of the organization for so long, across so many aspects of our business, I have opportunities to interact with just about everyone. From helping set high-level company priorities and goals, to helping others get past whatever might have them stuck, to getting down and dirty with code and security products—it runs the gamut.  


Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: The people I work with are top-notch. The business has more than enough interesting aspects to always keep things fresh, even after all this time. Never a dull moment, truly.


Q: Why is the product/service you represent so important to the industries you serve?

 A: Protecting information is one of the most vital tasks of any organization that handles sensitive information—be it personal, financial, medical or something else. We at Accutive have worked in the information security business from the start, helping ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data across organizations. Even when we’re not directly addressing security, we’re always aware of the security aspects of the work we do.


Q: What do you enjoy doing outside the office?

A:  Family is first and foremost. Spending time and sharing adventures with the ones I love. Oh, and cooking. It’s my “time off the keyboard” stress reducer. Last night was Kebabs for a crowd: we had steak, lamb, chicken, salmon, shrimp, grilled veggies, and rice. Feast time!


Q: What are some things you’ve noticed about the Accutive leadership team?

A: I joined this crew long ago because it already had a strong leadership team. We had a vision, and it has paid off and expanded into lots of new territory. 


Q: Any advice you’d like to give to new Accutive recruits?

A:  Think beyond your job. Find things you think are important or interesting, and work to make them part of your repertoire. There’s so much opportunity for growth and learning here—take advantage!

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Accutive: A People-First Company

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We strive to maintain an engaging, supportive work environment that fosters workplace satisfaction and long-term commitment that makes for consistently happy employees, partners and clients. Our leadership team is made up of people who exemplify these values, bringing decades of experience with them.

To learn about open opportunities to join the Accutive team, click here.

Accutive FinTech is the financial technologies arm of Accutive, a boutique firm for end-to-end cybersecurity and financial technologies services and solutions. Accutive FinTech specializes in MuleSoft Integrations for Financial Services, Temenos Journey Manager, Temenos LMS, AML Solutions, HID IDV, and LOS solutions. Accutive’s test data management platform, Accutive Data Discovery and Data Masking, is a powerful tool for data discovery, data subserving, data masking, data automation, and data tokenization.
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