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The Business Challenge – Why Mask Your Data?

Enterprises today are faced with the regulatory challenge of ensuring the privacy and security of their customers’ information, while still successfully conducting their daily business activities. Organizations often copy and move sensitive data containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) information from the security of their production environments to less secure testing environments, or for third-party use. Prior to being copied to these environments, it is important for this sensitive data to be identified and masked, to ensure individual privacy and meet regulatory compliance standards (PCI-DSS, GLBA, OSFI/PIPEDA, HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR). Accutive Data Masking is different from Data Encryption; encrypted data is unrecognizable and unusable, and the formatting is not always preserved. Accutive Data Masking is also referred to as obfuscation, anonymizing, or anonymization.


Protect your production Data while testing


Comply with data security and regulatory compliance standards

securely Send masked data to third-parties when needed

refresh and maintain masked data in different environments

accutive data discovery

As company data volumes increase, digital storage systems create new opportunities for the abuse of sensitive information by unauthorized personnel.  Accurate data discovery is the critical first step of any effective data protection platform, the key to remaining secure and competitive.  Accutive Data Discovery enables the efficient identification of sensitive data that needs to meet regulatory compliance standards such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, OSFI/PIPEDA, and FERPA.  Customizeable data scanning is applied to uncover privacy risks associated with structured and unstructured data in an array of cloud-based and on-prem databases and storage systems.  Sensitive items identified during the discovery process are cataloged and highlighted, thereby simplifying the process of identification for the user and allowing them to efficiently focus on the data in need of protection such as anonymization or encryption.


step 1

Select your database(s)

step 2

Configure sensitive data or select from pre-defined compliance lists

step 3

Scan your database(s)

step 4

Review your report


Accutive Data Masking is a robust software platform designed to perform automated discovery of sensitive data. All source tables and field names are searched and mapped during the discovery operations, and the solution will maintain all field properties of the source data. The output data will remain fully functional, yet the information will no longer be sensitive. For example, a 16-digit credit card in the source data, will remain a 16-digit credit card after being masked. Furthermore, that credit card number will be the same every time you mask it, should you need it to be.

ADM provides the ability to locate and mask your critical sensitive data, while ensuring the data properties and fields remain intact across any number of sources. After being processed through the masking operation the data will still look real, but in fact, it will have become fictitious. The masked data will also remain consistent throughout all sources. For example, Joe Smith masked as John Doe will always be John Doe in System A, System B, etc. Masking production data for non-production environment uses will reduce the risk of data compromise, while meeting regulatory requirements.

Multiple Data Sources and Destinations

Data can be moved from any major source type to any major destination type such as Oracle, DB2, MySQL and SQLServer (i.e. data can be moved from a Flat File to an Oracle Database)

Ability to mask data in cloud environments

ADM is Cloud capable in a variety of virtual environments, allowing you to mask to and from the Cloud

Consistent Masking through mask link technology

Ability to consistently and repeatedly mask source data to same value (i.e. Smith will always be masked to Jones) across multiple databases

Email address support

Ability to mask email address while preserving the format (e.g. do not mask the company name portion of the email address)

Smart Address

Ability to create a pseudonymous street name with a correct appropriate city state and Zip. (Currently available for US, Canada, England and Germany; more countries will be added)

Data Preservation

Ability to preserve a portion of the data in an unmasked state (i.e. keep the last 4 digits of a credit card number unchanged)

Lorem Ipsum Support

Ability to mask text data (notes) using Lorem Ipsum


XML file support

Ability to mask data inside embedded XML or Excel files. (i.e. mask the data within an Excel file that is stored in a database)


API support

Ability to integrate ADM to other applications

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