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Temenos Infinity’s Hyper-Personalized Experience

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these days, you’re well aware that post-pandemic culture drives the need for a hyper-digital customer-facing experience across all industries. Banking is not excluded. We wrote about it in a previous post on digital onboarding but the overall trend is this: banks who don’t keep up with FinTech competitors get left behind.

But let’s not discount the positives that traditional banks have going for them in terms of providing excellent customer service. The desire to reach each customer personally in a face-to-face manner to provide a friendlier service was first born in banks. It’s not a bad thing; it’s just antiquated for more of your market. Customers still desire a personalized experience but they prefer it online and on their own terms. Understanding the customer journey and knowing how to utilize the right technologies each step of the way helps brands including banks stay at the forefront of a customer’s mind. Each click they make on your site or app will leave either a desirable or unpleasant impression. Make the experience more personalized, and you’re winning the battle to stay relevant and top of mind.

Temenos: Making Digital Banking More Human

This infographic from Temenos really illustrates the tension that banks feel when competing in a digital age. How can banks transform old processes and legacy platforms, stay true to their mission and make banking feel more human for all?

The solution is simple—Temenos.

It’s the number one brand of bank software and for good reason. If you know Temenos, you know the Infinity platform provides immediate digital banking solutions for banks looking to transform old processes quickly. With out-of-the-box capabilities, it offers a wide range of features to meet everyday online banking needs, and it provides the flexibility to modify them to the needs of each institution.

And just when you thought the best-selling software couldn’t get any better, Temenos released a hyper-personalized product called Micro Apps. According to the recent Temenos press release:

“With Temenos Infinity Micro Apps, banks can provide a consistent experience across channels and hyper-personalize what customers see when visiting their online or mobile channels. A customer that holds both business and retail accounts, for example, could see everything in one place and have the power to move between business and retail banking within their app.”

With Temenos in your corner, you really can have it all: a highly personal customer experience—and all at the speed of digital.

It’s Time to Get (Even) More Personal with Temenos.

At Accutive, we can say we take things a little personal around here when it comes to Temenos. In fact, we’ve been a proud partner since 2019. Whether you need help implementing your Temenos software or you desire an even more personalized solution aligned to your vision, Accutive can customize tailor-made solutions incorporating the Temenos Infinity platform.

We’ve created a team of world-class certified Temenos Infinity developers with end-to-end experience who have implemented some of the most complex functionality for some of the largest financial institutions around. Retail, business, corporate and wealth management institutions have all profited from our deep experience.

In this case study for a wealth management client, we were able to design and implement a solution based on the Temenos Infinity platform in an amazing less than six-week turnaround. The goal: update legacy systems to next-gen capabilities for a more user-friendly experience. Our tailored solution for our client resulted in a seamless personalized experience for every user—from lender to potential customer.

Curious how Accutive can put the Temenos Infinity platform to work for your online banking needs? Reach out today and get on your way to a more personalized banking journey for you and your customers.

Accutive FinTech is the financial technologies arm of Accutive, a boutique firm for end-to-end cybersecurity and financial technologies services and solutions. Accutive FinTech specializes in MuleSoft Integrations for Financial Services, Temenos Journey Manager, Temenos LMS, AML Solutions, HID IDV, and LOS solutions. Accutive’s test data management platform, Accutive Data Discovery and Data Masking, is a powerful tool for data discovery, data subserving, data masking, data automation, and data tokenization.
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