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The Right Partner Makes a Difference

Your digital transformation is a big, complex project, so you should find a big, complex consulting partner to help make it happen. Right?

Not really. Determining the best consulting partner should involve considering multiple features and capabilities. Size shouldn’t be the first consideration and may not even factor into the decision at all.

While some consulting firms promote their project volume as proof of their capabilities, a 2021 study by McKinsey concluded that 69% of digital transformation projects failed.

This astounding statistic suggests some high-volume tech consulting firms may be more concerned with the number of projects they bring in than how many they successfully complete.

So, what should you be looking for if you need your digital transformation to succeed?

Right Size for Results

Instead of focusing on project size and searching for consulting partners matching that single aspect, determining your objectives and targeted results enables you to identify consulting partners with the right expertise to deliver optimal solutions.

This approach focuses on capabilities, relationships, expectations and outcomes instead of surface characteristics like company size or project churn.

Particularly in highly regulated industries like finance, generic solutions often do not support the numerous compliance and security issues impacting digital transformations. Banks and credit unions need a long-term, equally invested partner with the dedication and expertise required to help them achieve their goals with customized, effective, compliant technology solutions.

Personalized Solutions

Our clients appreciate Accutive’s bespoke services, dedicated teams, attention to detail, and consistently excellent results.

Whether it’s a Temenos Journey implementation, MuleSoft integration, Capitalstream LOS update, or data masking and cybersecurity solutions, Accutive’s high-quality services save time and resources while delivering excellent outcomes.

We dive deep into clients’ real-world requirements to get all the details up front, then we maintain ongoing communication and collaboration to ensure we deliver well-designed solutions with effective support to eliminate costly rework.

While we’re at it, we offer insights and recommendations to help clients optimize their platforms and extract more value from their legacy and new platforms, applications, and digital systems.

Advertising large project volumes may make a consulting vendor sound successful, but Accutive’s clients appreciate the value of deep partnership, meticulous quality, reliable delivery and excellent outcomes on every project.


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