Linedata Capitalstream 

All your Capitalstream initiatives – implementations, integrations, upgrades, and transitions – with seamless, effective, accurate solutions. Accutive leverages decades of Capitalstream experience and proven strategies to help you get the most out of your Capitalstream investment.

Whether you want to keep your Capitalstream platform up-to-date, capitalize on new capabilities and functionality, or integrate new technologies, our expert team can help.

We work with you to identify features and options to deliver value and benefits across your organization. 


Service Packs & Upgrades

Keep your system current with the latest software updates to capitalize on new capabilities and functionality


Maximize your Capitalstream platform ROI by leveraging our expertise for integrating third-party applications


Ongoing Support & Performance Tuning

Enhancement support and application tuning to improve platform performance



Customize and enhance your Capitalstream platform to meet changing business needs

Comprehensive Managed Services

Full-service daily, end-to-end  Captialstream management and support for self or Linedata hosted platforms


QA and Testing

Seamless, effective project implementations powered by our QA experts and proven testing methodologies 

Resource Augmentation

Expand your capabilities, knowledge, and platform expertise by augmenting your resources with our experienced professional services team


Analyze and create custom reports to gain insights, make informed decisions, and support your business 

Linedata Capitalstream Solutions

Capitalstream Upgrades & enhancements

Application Performance Assessment

Capitalstream Application Health Assessments

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