Wealth Management – Online Application Using Temenos Infinity Platform

A large financial institution’s Wealth Management group engaged Accutive to digitize their securities based lending application using the Temenos Infinity platform. The online application allows loan officers to initiate the process. Once initiated, the applicants can complete the process and digitally sign. Once completed, the information is sent back the loan officer to review and finalize.

Accutive has a team of certified Temenos Infinity developers with a deep background in front-end web development and back-end systems integration experience.

In less than 6-weeks the team was able to design and implement the solution leveraging the following approach:

  • Form UX Design and Detailed Requirements
  • Leverage an Agile development approach while providing customer demonstrations along the way
  • Conduct end-to-end System Testing


  • Improved customer experience: easy to use application on a phone, tablet, or computer, reduced inputs where possible by using prefilled data, routing to multiple co-applications to complete online, and notification by SMS or email notification.
  • Loan officers able to pre-fill large portions of information for existing wealth management customers and hence significantly reducing time to fill application.
  • Used existing Bank Branding and Design guidelines to provide familiarity and confidence for users.
  • Leverages electronic signature eliminating the need to print and sign.
  • Allows the loan officers to monitor, track, and easily through status updates and notifications.
  • Temenos Infinity Platform allowed the development team to rapidly build, test and launch the online form.

TECHNOLOGIES USED: Temenos Infinity, Java, DocuSign for eSignature, Twillio for SMS services, Melissa Data for address information

SERVICES PROVIDED: Requirements and Design, Front End Development, Backend Development, Quality Assurance